Affiliate Program

Break out of your sales limitations, you can now have a website to generate sales instantly!
  • Our Unique, FIRST of its kind Omni-Channel Affiliate Program allows you to generate a solid commission.
How we came to be:

We have been asked so many times from retailers who are looking to grow their business with an online store, for our data feeds with all the details and/or if we can build stores a site just like ours. We learned fast after building a site or two, that the maintenance of the site was something retailers where not keeping up with. We would get orders for items that were long discontinued. This was a fail on our part to help the stores "keep up" with the endless changes from manufacturers. This also overwhelmed retailers having to make the call to the customers, and really set an "over my head" mentality to the whole online store conn late 2017, that we were going to help retailers in a way that surpasses just the drop shipping service. Creating a site that is fully loaded with products, that maintains inventory and has the look and feel of a "popular" pet retail site in regards to layout and categories. We developed, built strictly for independent pet retailers to use as their own site with no operational work like; listing, pricing, images, descriptions and the tedious work of picking and packing, to name a few things.We mirrored our current distribution site, with pricing on a retail level, many matching that same" popular" retail site. We continue to add and grow brands and are now up to 180+ brands with over 10,000 skus in covering all domestic pets, household and Gift items.