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How do I become a dealer with PetDropshipper.com?

Our Company is wholesale and will require registration. Once Registered and Approve we will ship within 4-7 business days. Use the Register/Login link on the top of our home page. Once you fill in all the required fields you will receive an email from one of our Team Members. You will then have access to place orders.

Why register to become a dealer with PetDropshipper.com?

PetDrophipper.com is created for your convenience of use and to help make your purchasing decisions and ordering processes easier, with the flexibility to meet your schedule!

· Gain access to our catalog, one of the largest assortments of pet products.

· Search products and lines from over 260+ Vendor Partners and Nationally Famous Brands.

· Learn about special pricing promotions and programs.

· 24/7 online access and ordering capabilities.

· Online Customer Service Chat to assist you at anytime.

· Stay up-to-date on new items and closeout opportunities.

· Quick and local access to our excellent Sales Team and friendly Customer Service.

· Consistently great service when you need it!

Is there a membership fee to become a dealer?

Absolutely not. There is no fee for utilizing this site as a dealer.

How does Petdropshipper work?

Our process is very easy! Once your account is approved you will then gain access to placing orders. When you have an order you will purchase the items in your cart and then choose the shipping method that best suits your needs. Once you have all you need you will change the ship to address to your customers and then pay for your order.
As soon as the order ships the tracking will load in real time.

How do Dropship orders ship?

Petdropshipper uses USPS, Fedex and UPS. We share our commercial pricing on site for you as a seller to have a shipping rate that is reserved for high volume shipping businesses. Most items that are below 13oz can ship First class Mail saving you a good amount of money in shipping fees. When we ship orders we use brand new packaging and never send an order with a used box, and the return address is our PO Box that your customers can not trace back to PDS or notice that you are using a dropshipper.
Shipping Rates vary based on weight and destination and we suggest that you have a shipping system set in your website and use our zip code 07004.

Do your items ship from the USA?

Yes, our company is based in Fairfield, NJ and all items ship in one box to your Store or to your customer if you need dropshipping.

Are Your Items USA Based?

Yes, Our brands are USA based companies and ship to our warehouse from within the USA. Meaning nothing ships from outside the USA to our warehouse.

Are Your Brands From Overseas?

No. Our brands are some of the most popular USA based companies that pet parents and shop owners know and trust.
Is it safe to order online through the site?

Yes. In order to maintain a safe environment for online order processing, your sensitive account information and credit card numbers are not stored online.

I’m not able to view Wholesale Pricing, why?

Pricing is available to logged-in users that have an account with us. In order to view wholesale pricing, you need to request to Become A Dealer . Once approved with a verified account, you will then have access to pricing and other resources.

How do You list products on your site?

Many online retailers will manually list the products that they like to their site by taking the data off the site and saving the images to then manually upload. This is is a very simple way to do things and costs you nothing but the time it takes to list what you like.
What are the profit Margins I can expect? DropShipping allows you all the benefits of a large variety of products with zero overhead! You order what you need, when you already have a sale! What could be better than that! So when it comes to pricing your profit percentages/margins will vary from 5-25% over your costs. Your volume based consumable items are at a lower profit margin since you will sell more of these. With Hard goods like beds, bowls, leads and collars you can make a higher percent on the items pet parents do not buy as frequently.

Does PetDropshipper allow FBA?

We have a small select list of brands that will allow you to order for your FBA business. You will need to register for an account and file your reseller certificates (we will email them to you for you to fill out and email back) so that we can then provided them to the brands that you are wanting to order. Once your account is then authorized but the brand we will provide an invoice for the items that you have ordered and email that to you along with your orders box quantity and sizes for you to provide your shipping labels.

Does PetDropshipper allow 3rd Party sales?

We have a small select list of brands that will allow you to order for your third party, amazon/ebay business. You will need to register for an account and file your reseller certificates (we will email them to you for you to fill out and email back) , that we can then provide them to the brands that you are wanting to order.

How Do I calculate Shipping?

Shipping is based on weight and destination. You will need to set up shipping live rates with your shipping suppliers or shipping platform to calculate shipping for each and all orders in real time.

All of our products have the weights in oz on the page of each item. You can use these details to implement weights of items onto your stores website.

Does PetDropshipper offer free shipping?

There is no such thing as free shipping unless you own the postal and shipping carrier. Shipping that is offered for free is added to the cost of items. Since we are a wholesale company it is not possible to offer free shipping. Selling heavy weighted items makes shipping costly for you the retailer and we strongly advise against this. We know everyone* offers some level of free shipping and that choice is for you to make.

What is Integration?

Integration is an internal system that is set up with a 3rd party company (Solid Commerce/FlxPoint) that will connect our website data to your website to allow your site access to both products and inventory. Then, giving Petdropshipper access to your orders for processing and updating tracking. Orders payment and subscription are paid with Credit Card Provided.

How do I list more items with a spreadsheet or CVS?

PetDropshipper does offer a spreadsheet and csv file. In our dealers tab there is a Full CSV page that will offer you a sample of the file to see what the file contains. Allowing you to decide if the file is of value to your business. We currently charge a one-time fee for this short cut, as well as, offer a daily inventory feed that you can download daily for free. See Integration details above for automatic updates.
What is the Difference between the Free Inventory File and the Paid for Full CSV file?
The free file is a simple file that contains a limited amount of details and is generally used for assisting customers with and FTP for inventory updates. The full file that is paid for is a complete data base and "shortcut" of items, and all the details you will need for any online store to list products.