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Regular orders are typically shipped within 5 business days Generally, we do not backorder.
Items that are out of stock will be canceled unless prior arrangements have been made.

Please note that when ordering oversized items like Litter, bulk foods or liter pans, cat furniture these items are deemed Oversized and will increase your shipping rates quickly.

Shipping Rates Vary Based on weight and destination. We ship using USPS, Fedex and UPS.
If you are dropshipping and placing your orders on the site you will have to change the address to match the customer you want us to ship to. Then Calculate the orders shipping, choose the method that best suits your customers needs. We will always honor the shipping you have choses.
Shipments are shipped blindly no markings that you are using a dropship company. We provide the packing slips in the boxes, yes. We do not do the branding.
f prdsres are shipping to your store, we provide the invoice in the boxes. Or you can download them also from our site.

We know when the billing and shipping are not the same that it is HIGHLY likely to be a dropship order. We will Never put an invoice in a box.

Shipments transit times will vary and can be delayed during the busier times of the year. tracking will be loaded to the site in real time when the order ships. You can log into your account to collect the tracking details.